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Between the years of 2011 and 2015, I went to a public high school, which was built in 2008.  The system is an addressable Siemens MXL, but I have not been able to snap a picture of the panel itself, as it is likely locked away in a mechanical or electrical room somewhere.  There is an RCC-1 annunciator in the main lobby but I have not been able to snap a picture of it either.

Throughout most of the classrooms and hallways, there are Siemens ZH-MC-(C)W horn-strobes, and ZR-MC-(C)W remote strobes.  These are essentially rebranded Wheelock ZNS and ZRS devices, but are meant to sync with Siemens' protocol.
The smoke detectors used throughout the system are Siemens FireSmart addressable detectors. These are strange, as when they are in alarm the light doesn't latch a steady red but instead blinks red.  This could make it hard to spot as the activated detector during a fire emergency.

The pull stations throughout the school are Siemens MSI-20B addressable models, but the ones in the portable buildings (not pictured) are the newer HMS-D model.  The ones in the building are mounted behind STI Stopper II covers, deterring false alarms.  These covers have a loud sounder inside that activate whenever the cover is lifted.