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I went to two different middle schools during my 6th through 8th grade years.  The school I went to in 6th grade was built in 1991 and had at the time an old Simplex system, with 2901-9838 electromechanical horns on 4903-9001 strobe plates.  The pull stations throughout the school were 4251-20s and 4251-30s, and the system had 2908-series smoke detectors, but I am not sure of their full model number.

During the late 90s the system was expanded (and to my knowledge the panel was replaced) to add a new wing with new pull stations and smoke detectors, and 4903-9219 horn-strobes.  These were mechanical horns on the newer 4903-series rectangular body.

The control panel must've been changed between then and when I went there, as the horns sounded as if they were on FWR power (as evidenced by the raspy sound the horns began to make) and little by little components fried. 

The system was eventually completely replaced by an addressable EST-3 system with Genesis signals, SIGA-278 pull stations, and Signature series smoke detectors.  Unfortunately, I was unable to salvage any of the devices from the old system.

For 7th and 8th grade, I went to a school that was brand-new at the time. Built in 2009, the system was a Gamewell-FCI E3 addressable control panel, with addressable Gamewell-FCI MS-7AF pull stations behind Stopper II covers, Gamewell-FCI ASD-P2LF photoelectric smoke detectors, and Wheelock ZNS and ZRS signals.